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  • An average 547% settlement increase is what studies have shown that public insurance adjusters average for their clients
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Claim Settlement Tips

Having worked on thousands of insurance claims over the course of our careers, we've provided Houston claim help in various forms. Whether you ultimately need a public adjuster or not, the following claim tips can pave the way to a smoother claims process.

Top 5 Signs You May Need Help

Sign #1 - You are receiving vague denial letters that quote portions of the insurance policy that have nothing to do with your specific circumstances.

No More Worries

Getting help with a Houston insurance claim can certainly ease your burden. However, it also delivers additional benefits. For example, having a professional handle your insurance claim from the beginning can speed up the process due to..

Houston Claim Help is Just a Phone Call Away

Do you need Houston claim help? Public insurance adjusters are in the business of doing just that. While insurance companies employ insurance adjusters, there's a big difference between a company adjuster and a public adjuster. Both types help consumers with insurance claims; however, a public adjuster is an independent adjuster who works for the policyholder, not the insurance company. In short, we offer Houston claim help to policyholders like you.

It's not uncommon for public adjusters in Houston to have previously worked as insurance company adjusters before changing gears and serving the public. In fact, insider experience can be invaluable as public adjusters understand both sides of the process.

In Texas, public insurance adjusters must be licensed. Because of strict insurance regulations, public adjusters are limited in the type of support they can offer and their services may differ from the services offered in other states. Though state regulations vary, public insurance adjusters throughout the United States do share a common, overriding goal: providing consumers with insurance claim help.

Insurance companies often experience high volumes of claims at once, making for unmanageable workloads for individual insurance adjusters. This can result in insurance claim nightmares. While it's understandable for an insurance team to be spread thin after a damaging event, policyholders shouldn't have to suffer further. This is a good example of why public adjusters exist: to make sure that policyholders are treated fairly by their insurance companies.

Houston claim help is affordable due to the way the Texas Department of Insurance has structured compensation for public adjusters. For example, did you know that there are no upfront charges when you use a public insurance adjuster in Texas? Instead, the fees are taken from the insurance settlement as a percentage restricted by the Department of Insurance. Not only that, if the adjuster cannot increase your settlement from what you've already received, there's no charge whatsoever. This compensation structure ensures that even those bankrupted by damages have the resources to get the Houston insurance claim help they need to rebuild their lives.