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Insurance Claim Tips

Having worked on thousands of insurance claims over the course of our careers, we've provided Houston claim help in various forms. Whether you ultimately need a public adjuster or not, the following claim tips can pave the way to a smoother claims process.

  1. Take extensive notes. You will be speaking with dozens of insurance company representatives, adjusters, and contractors, and it's easy to mix up conversations or forget who said what. By taking extensive notes detailing every phone call or appointment, who you spoke with, when the conversation took place, and what was discussed, you won't have to rely on your memory and you will be in a better position to follow up on promises made to you.
  2. Keep detailed records. In addition to taking notes, create a file box specifically for your insurance claim. Use separate folders to file paperwork, correspondence, estimates, and contracts.
  3. Fill out insurance forms accurately and completely. If you don't understand a portion of the form, call your insurance company and ask for an explanation. If a portion of a form does not apply to you, write in "Not applicable" rather than leaving the answer blank.
  4. Take more photos than you think you need. Extensive photographic documentation can support your claim and may trigger your memory when you're trying to remember what items to claim.
  5. Question estimates. Don't accept your insurance adjuster's estimates as fact. Ask questions as to what the estimate covers, how it was calculated, and if current Houston construction costs were factored in.

These Houston claim help tips point to the most important tip of all: Be proactive!