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Houston public insurance adjusters offer a variety of services including providing general insurance claim help, documenting damages, and negotiations.

Help! Houston Insurance Claim Denied

You did your part by paying your premiums on time, calling your insurance company after a loss, and filing a claim only to be surprised a few weeks later by a letter saying that your claim has been denied. Sounds impossible, but insurance claim denials happen. Now what? Do you take out a loan and start from scratch or do you get Houston claim help from a qualified public insurance adjuster?

We offer the insurance help you need when you need it the most! As public insurance adjusters, we must follow a strict code of ethics and insurance regulations as we work on your behalf to convince the insurance company to not only reconsider, but to compensate you for your losses.

Documentation Services

Documentation plays an important role in the insurance claims process. In order to be compensated for a loss under an insurance policy, the policyholder must prove that a loss took place. Proof takes many different forms from purchase receipts to photos and videos of the damages. Public adjusters are skilled at documenting insurance losses and understand the importance of uncovering everything. The more thorough the documentation, the greater the potential settlement offer. After all, an insurance company can't compensate you for damages it doesn't know occurred and it's up to you to provide this documentation.

Negotiation Services

It's not unusual for an insurance company adjuster to cut a check after a cursory examination of the damage. Nor is it unusual for the initial settlement offer to be lower than expected. Before accepting a check or settlement offer, have a public insurance adjuster take a look and step in. It's possible that there's more to your insurance claim than meets the eye. We're committed to discovering all losses and negotiating with your insurance carrier to ensure that you're compensated for everything that you're entitled to under the terms of your policy.

These are but a few examples of the Houston claim help that we provide. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your insurance claim in Houston, Texas.